Reading & Phonics

We aim to foster a love of reading here at Hargrave Park School. Once a child can read, then they hold a vital key to their own learning. Through reading, pupils can develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. Reading enables pupils to build on what they already know and to acquire new knowledge.

A key early step for children to be able to read independently is to build phonic knowledge and skills. The teaching and learning of phonics enables children to identify which sounds are made by which letters or groups of letters and how these join to form words. The teaching of phonics begins with recognising different sounds in the Children’s Centre and Nursery. Phonics learning continues throughout Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, using the ‘Little Wandle’ approach – using daily whole class phonics sessions and daily guided reading sessions, where the children practise their phonics skills reading in a group closely supported by the teacher or EYE. The books used are closely aligned to the children’s phonics knowledge, to give them opportunity to use and apply their phonic knowledge regularly.

Phonics teaching continues into Year 3 for those children who need it.

Click here for Little Wandle Resources for Parents.

In Key Stage 2, Reading is taught through Whole Class Reading sessions, where quality texts are read together and key reading skills are explicitly taught. Once a week, children analyse a different non-fiction text type to consolidate their understanding of various structures, layouts and registers of writing. There is also regular opportunity to apply comprehension skills in written tasks. By now the children have learned to read and are now reading to learn.

We create opportunities to develop a love of reading through engaging with Islington’s Reading Road Map, and through daily story time or whole class reading where quality books are read and discussed. All children visit the school library weekly for an opportunity to share and discover new stories and a range of books and choose books to borrow. We also have links with Archway Library.