Creative Arts

We want to give our children a wide variety of ways to explore the world and to express themselves.

Learning through the Creative Arts provides sensory experiences as an engaging way of understanding the world. It stimulates creativity and imagination, enabling children to communicate what they see, feel and think using a variety of processes and materials, thus embedding understanding more meaningfully.

Visits to museums, galleries, the theatre and the cinema provide rich cultural experiences for our children, supporting them to understand the role of the Arts in our history and culture.

Learning through the Arts is enhanced by regular workshop and projects with a range of quality providers in the Arts such as Arts First and the House of Illustration.

Creative outcomes are celebrated through displays, performances and sharing events.

Art and Design

Work in Art and Design is linked to the current Curriculum Theme. Children will have an opportunity to explore the work of a range of artists from a range of cultures and perspectives around the world.

Children will learn a range of techniques and skills in printing, painting, 3D sculpture and sketching and drawing. Children will have many opportunities to use these skills to be creative, developing their own ideas and producing high quality creative outcomes.


Children will have opportunity to explore a range of music from a range of cultures and contexts across the world and through time.

Children will be taught how to listen to and appraise music, and how to create their own music, using musical notation to represent their compositions. Children will regularly be part of performances which will include singing and playing instruments.

Design Technology

Children will have opportunity to explore and appraise a range of existing products to find out what their purpose is and how they work. They will learn a range of skills to design, create and evaluate their own products, adapting ideas when necessary. This includes food technology, where children will learn how to safely and hygienically prepare food, measuring and following recipes accurately.

Children are taught to consider the potential impact of their product on the world.