British Values

British values are defined as mutual respect and tolerance; individual liberty; the rule of law and democracy. These values are promoted both through our curriculum and the wider provision for the children in our care

Mutual Respect and Tolerance

All adults in our school model respectful interactions with other adults and children. We remind children of the important Habit of Mind – Listening with empathy and understanding and this is discussed through class meetings and assemblies. We also reflect, through our vision statement, about wanting our children to ‘understand their impact on and potential within the world around them.

We follow the agreed local authority RE syllabus and we celebrate numerous festivals across the year, supporting children’s understanding of different faiths and beliefs. Our PSHE provision is a particular strength and we are working to develop and further embed Philosophy For Children (P4C) across the school. This forms a key part of our learning improvement plan.

Individual Liberty

In our school we encourage children to be independent learners who are able to make safe choices in our environment. Within our vision statement we want our children ‘to be healthy with a strong sense of community and self-respect’. Children are encouraged to talk about their opinions and their likes and dislikes. Within our PSHE scheme of work we support children to develop their understanding of positive relationships and the importance of personal resilience and self-respect.

The Rule of Law

We have high expectations for behaviour in our school. Our behaviour system is understood well by our children and families and benefits from a consistent approach. Children understand and can articulate what is expected of them both in class, around the building and in the playground. They understand that rules help everyone in our community to feel safe. Our behaviour rules are reflected on regularly and children understand that there are consequences for unacceptable behaviour. Above expected behaviour is celebrated through gold cards and house tokens.


Both our School Council and House Captains are elected by their peers. These roles are highly valued in our school and they are active ambassadors in our school community. The school council has led a number of school wide projects, for example on e-safety and the development of the playground. Our School Houses are vertically grouped from Reception to Year 6 and House Captains and Vice Captains experience leading their houses through whole school events such as Sports Day and our whole school trip to Frinton.