Vision & Values

Explore our Vision, Values and Mission Statement…

Introducing our Values

Our core school values are:
Independence, Respect, Kindness, Ambition, Resilience

Our Vision

Hargrave Park School is a community where children and adults are valued and supported to aim high. We are all confident learners, who are inspired by the world, flexible in our thinking and understand how to care for ourselves and others. We have pride in everything we do, and we look after what we have.

Our Mission

We encourage our staff and our children to be confident and independent in everything they do, while feeling fully supported and equipped to deliver the best they can.

Children are taught to be caring, ambitious and self-sufficient through the provision of an enriched curriculum, excellent teaching and using the 16 Habits of Mind.

We teach our children to explore and understand the world so they can better care for it – and succeed in it.

Hargrave Park provides an uplifting, well-resourced space for staff and children to thrive.